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Hi! I’m Julie Borowski and I’m a pro-liberty activist with bills to pay like everyone else. :)

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Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski is a political commentator living in the D.C. area. She is best known for her YouTube channel where she discusses current events in often a humorous manner. She has two cats.

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  • crazybutnotwrong

    Hi miss I’m nobody but I sure am pleased that you chose to include those of us who will not consent to Facebook. It’s been eating at me how so many writers defeat much purpose by forcing all who would speak,perhaps contribute to real solution, to consent away there @#$!! To Facebook. All who refuse to give over every privacy now and always will be silenced. Are silenced. Please don’t leave disqus.

  • Jeff Rose

    Activism? I’m sorry, your ideas sound like a return to the dark ages. I just now heard you denounce the $15 minimum. While doing so, #1–you asserted that MacDonald’s could easily pay that amount. An activist would demand MacDonald’s pay more than slave wages if possible, and you said it’s possible. Similar, research studies have shown Walmart could pay everyone at least $15 if they raised the price on every product 1 penny. An activist would bring that up.

    Further, there are research studies on the $15 minimum. Are you familiar with any? That’s what activism is, learning and taking action. And on slave wages, I was 27-years old when I graduated university. That’s 3 years working minimum wage plus two years in the Army. What’s it like never taking a sick day because every penny is budgeted and you don’t get paid leave. Minimum wage means when you’ve diarrhea, you get to work with slimed underwear all day. Do you know what it’s like to have a toothache for two years straight? Do you know what it’s like to keep a playing card on the dashboard of your car that is the same color as an inspection sticker and you can’t afford that?

    Minimum is slavery, the only difference is you have some choice of location and lodging. I’ve been to mainland China and seen the same thing I see in some neighborhoods of my city, hopelessness, despair, untreated illness, unwatched children, hungry children. Please Ms. Borowski, stick up for the minimum wage, or at least read the studies that discuss it.