How to Win The Gun Debate

Guns are a hot button issue right now. Gun rights advocates have stats and facts on our side. Why then are some people just not getting it? How can we win this debate? I...


The Economics of Sandwiches

I, Sandwich. In 1958, Leonard E. Read wrote I, Pencil. Here’s a modern day version with sandwiches. How many people does it take to make one simple sandwich? More than you might think.  


Overly Attached GOP

You’re mine, Donald Trump. Don’t you ever leave me. I will hunt you down. bahahahhaahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahaha­hhaahahahhaha Read more. 


On Josh Duggar and Forgiveness

The Josh Duggar situation… oh boy. For years, Josh Duggar has been a family values spokesperson. He’s been pointing his finger at other people for hurting the sanctity of marriage. When he should have...


Video: Feminism Then Vs. Now

First wave feminism vs. feminism today. A bit different. Exaggerated and all in good fun. I ruined my pants. I hate ketchup. It smells bad.