Transgenderism Has Gone Too Far

A biological teen boy who identifies as a girl is competing in women’s track and field and winning. My opinion on whether transgenderism has gone too far.


#MessageToFeminists Challenge

I got tagged in the #MessageToFeminists challenge by a couple people. So, here’s my message to feminists. Feel free to make your own video with your own message!

chewbacca mask parody

Chewbacca Mask Video REMIX

Did you see the video of the mom laughing while wearing the Star Wars chewbacca mask? Hahhahaa. Such a contagious laugh! I had to try on my own mask! So much fun!


On Fat Acceptance

Is being fat bad for your health? Is the fat acceptance and fat liberation movement a good thing? What does this say about our country? Pro body positivity?


Socialism Isn’t Cool

More young people have a positive view of socialism than capitalism! What’s going on?! Contrary to popular opinion, capitalism is not evil. Here’s why.

bernie-sanders (1)

Bernie Will Raise Your Taxes!

Bernie Sanders wants to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires and people like you! Try out the Vox Calculator to see how Bernie’s tax plan would impact you.