ChristianMingle is Being Forced to Include Gay Singles

A California judge ruled that must allow users to search for same-sex matches on their website. This ruling came after two gay men filed a class action lawsuit against the Christian dating website, claiming that only offering “man seeking woman” and “woman seeking man” categories violated a California anti-discrimination law.

I hate bullying stories like this because I know that there are gay people out there doing their thing and don’t want to force anyone to do anything.

Then along come these two gay men who are using the force of government to get their way which reflects poorly on the whole gay community.

That would be like me, a straight woman, suing the gay app Grindr for not allowing women!

No, I’m not who Grindr is meant for and that’s OK.

Different dating sites cater to different people, is that so hard to accept?

If you’re a gay Christian looking for a gay Christian, there are other sites to use. I googled and found literally, and a slew of others.

Why not support that website?

Instead, these two gay men urged the government to force ChristianMingle to include gaysРessentially, they want the website to take their money at $29.99 a month.

This is what I also don’t get about forcing bakers to bake gays for gay weddings against their will.

Every year, Americans are becoming more accepting of gay marriage and relationships. There are tons of dating websites and bakers out there who accept gays and would be more than happy to have them as paying customers.

But for some reason, these people really want their money to go to people who are less accepting of them?

How does that make any sense?

They want them to take their money so bad that they are suing to become customers.

There are other dating website options. Forcing people to accommodate you is no way to bring about equality.

Go and take your money elsewhere.



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Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski is a political commentator living in the D.C. area. She is best known for her YouTube channel where she discusses current events in often a humorous manner. She has two cats.

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  • Monica Baumann

    A judge did not “rule” that the website must allow for same-sex couples to search. The judge accepted a settlement agreement where ChristianMingle agreed to make those changes. Those are wildly different things.

    • David Shimshon Heller

      Judges DO NOT MAKE RULINGS! They are not KINGS! Judges make DECISIONS and OPINIONS ONLY!!!! Oh and by the way you are wrong they are for all intents and purposes the same thing.

      • Joel Stoner

        Not entirely true, if there is no jury the Judge makes a ruling. Judges also make rulings on motions, and admissibility of evidence.

    • John Gray

      ChristianMingle also knew that it didn’t really have a legal leg to stand on. You’re not exempted from civil rights laws merely because you feel that complying with them because your religion says that gays/blacks/ Hispanics etc. are not equal to you. If you own/operate a business that offers good or services to the public, then you have to offer these goods or services to ALL the public on an equal basis.

      • MikeAZwildcats

        And if there was a rat Islam dating site you can be assured that they wouldn’t be forced by government to cater to gays. **** these fagits.

        • John Gray

          Thank you for adding that touch of bigotry to help enlighten the conversation. BTW it’s “faggots”, meebe yoos kood get a redneck to Inglsh dikshunary sometime and lern how reed and rite reel gud.

          • MikeAZwildcats

            I wrote “fagits” because on MOST sites saying “faggot” is a flagged word that doesn’t allow you to post or gets deleted quickly. So before being an annoying jew grammar nazi you should try thinking, especially since the rest of my post was grammatically fine.

            But do you notice how you didn’t respond to the substantively to what I said? Typical annoying grammar nazi jew that you are.

          • John Gray

            “Nazi Jew” Shows hoe little you know. Nazis are antisemitic and I’m not Jewish. The rest of your post was B-llsh1t . No substance to it, just more bigotry showing through. BTW Christian Mingle didn’t have a leg to stand on; the anti-discrimination laws in California specifically prohibit discrimination against gays. You religious objections don’t give you the right to opt out of civil rights laws. “My religion teaches me that interracial dating and marriage are wrong; therefore I don’t have to let black people try to meet white people.” Same idea, just different language.

          • MikeAZwildcats

            You are a grammar nazis, which is annoying, and most jews are annoying hence why i called you a jew too. I understand nazis are anti-semetic you clown lol. **** these faggot anti-discrimination laws. If they don’t want to put gays on their site, that is their own decision. **** the whiny ass homos. If there was a muslim dating site and they didn’t allow gays the government wouldn’t do anything. And muslims support the death of gays which is true hate. Christians just don’t want to bake a stupid cake for gay weddings and everyone freaks out, but when these muslims want gays dead, nobody cares, or its a gun issue like in Orlando.

          • John Gray

            It’s called “equal protection of the law”, if you are going to serve the public, you have to serve all the public on an equal basis. Not something that a bigot like you would understand though.
            The rest of your bullsh1t isn’t worth commenting on.

          • David Parker

            Nonsense. The key to being free is to not incorporate, corporations are legal fictions, creatures of that other legal fiction known as the state and bound to follow all the flatulence that floats up from the California legislature that becomes statute and then encoded statute. Do not get a “license” from the state to conduct your business: Simply conduct your business, say private bakery on your shingle, keep a loaded 12 gauge automatic under the cash register, and do as you like. It’s called freedom and made America great.

          • David Parker

            Show hoe little you know? Do you even know what a hoe is? Everyone has a right to “opt out” of ridiculous man-made statute and encoded statute at that. It’s called freedom. A crime is actually injury to body or property, neither of which is in sight in the case of not catering to perversion or pretending that “same sex” masturbation parties are somehow “normal” or “natural” or a “fulfilling lifestyle”.
            Utter and complete nonsense. Live under the latrine all your life but don’t expect me to consider you normal or recommend your depraved lifestyle to anyone.

          • David Parker

            It isn’t “bigotry” to call a sexual pervert a sexual pervert. You can eat shit all you want, but don’t try to con me that I am a bigot because I don’t like to be around shit-eaters. I also don’t like the ruling that allows sexual perverts who claim to be married to sign onto workplace family medical plans and transfer your outrageous medical expenses onto the backs of family men. It is impossible for two (or more, is there any limit to perversion?) men to be married since God defined marriage as the lifelong union of one man and one woman and as much as “court” pretends, men cannot actually marry other men and women cannot actually marry other women.

      • David Parker

        No one has a “right” to stick their stinking asses into a Christian dating site. They were clearly not Christian and the site was not for them. Anyone with a brain would have sought elsewhere.
        No one has a right to force an online clothing store to carry manure in its product line.

      • FiscalCon

        If you own a business then according to the mafia/fascist leftists, you forfeit little things like…freedom of religion.

  • Joel Stoner

    The only reason the court had jurisdiction was because Sparks Networks Inc.’s headquarters are in California. They could have just as easily declined to service California all together. Thus removing jurisdiction, and standing from all California residents.

  • David Orr

    Thanks, Julie. I’m still new to libertarianism, and after hearing Gary Johnson with “bake the damn cake,”, I was thinking that, if that was how libertarians felt about religious people, there wasn’t anywhere for me to stand. Thanks for showing me that not all libertarians feel like Gary Johnson.

  • John Gray

    Well I guess if I have a religious objection to serving black people in a restaurant that I own or renting/selling property that I own to blacks then I too don’t ahve to abide by the civil rights laws.

    • David Parker

      Exactly. We used to call that freedom.
      You can be an evolutionist and claim that “blacks” are less evolved, but that’s your choice in a free country.
      Me, I believe we all came from Adam and Eve and we all bleed red, we are all mankind.

  • David Parker

    There is no such thing as a “gay” – meaning sexually perverted man or woman – Christian.
    The words “Christian” and “gay” are mutually exclusive. An ex-“gay” can be a Christian, but a Christian can never be a sexual pervert. So-called “homosexuality” – an impossibility because sexual intercourse can only occur between a man and a woman – God defines as an abomination, the most heinous sin. To misuse the body God has given us is disobedience to God and dishonoring to God so much so that God calls sexual perversion an abomination and punishable by death by stoning so that the land is not polluted.
    Ditto for so-called lesbians and “transgenders”, another invention of the satanic.

  • RandomThesis

    Freedom of Association, one of the unenumerated freedoms, includes the freedom to not associate. Anything else is tyranny.