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The freedom to make cash money.


2017 Speaking Schedule

University of California, Riverside Riverside, California February 7 International Students for Liberty Conference Washington, DC February 18 Young Americans for Liberty Los Angeles Spring Summit Los Angeles, California March 4 Libertarian...


Black Friday Deals for Libertarians

1.¬†Liberty Classroom As most of you know, Tom Woods is a well-respected historian, political commentator, and best-selling author. I’m a huge Tom Woods fan! He has a website called Liberty Classroom with online courses...


Is College Worth It?

There’s been a lot of talk about student loan debt and the cost of college this election cycle. Is college worth it? What degree should you get? I give my advice to high school...


Interview with Jack Hunter

My interview with Jack Hunter, the editor of Rare Politics. We discuss many topics: Audit the Fed, Donald Trump’s success, Rand Paul’s campaign, political correctness, Black Lives Matter, the confederate flag, and more. Check...

Picture by Gage Skidmore.

2016 Speaking Schedule

Confirmed events: 1/16 Saturday 7:30 pm Westminster, Maryland 1/26 Tuesday 11 am Bluffton University, Ohio 2/25 Thursday Rare Politics Round table DC 6:30 to 8 pm DC Lottery: 1015 Half Street, DC