Black Friday Deals for Libertarians

1. Liberty Classroom


As most of you know, Tom Woods is a well-respected historian, political commentator, and best-selling author. I’m a huge Tom Woods fan! He has a website called Liberty Classroom with online courses on economics and history–without the leftist trash. Taught by real professors, Liberty Classroom will give you the tools and knowledge to articulate free market principles and defeat leftist arguments.

Black Friday Deals:
Basic one-year membership for $62 (regular price $119!)
Basic one-year membership plus for $85 (regular price $149!)
Master LIFETIME membership for $327 (regular price $597!)

Buy here.

*You can purchase as a gift subscription– great Christmas gift for the liberty lover in your life 😉


2. Tuttle Twins

The Tuttle Twins are a great way to teach children about the principles of liberty! Every time I post about them, I get comments from parents saying how much their kids love to read them! They would make a great shocking stuffer. Target ages: 5 to 10 years old. There are 5 books now– you can buy as a set! The Law, the Miraculous Pencil, the Creature from Jekyll Island, Food Truck Fiasco, and the Road to Surfdom.

Black Friday deal: Get 40% off when you use code BF17 at checkout.

Buy here.

3. Liberty Maniacs 


I love Liberty Maniacs shirts! They are funny, good quality, and they have women’s shirts! They also have bags, mugs, hoodies, gift cards, etc.

Black Friday deals: 

25% off all orders $75+ with code Black16.
20% off all orders $35+ with code Black2016.
10% off all orders code 10Black16.

Buy here.

4. Libertarian Country


Libertarian Country is another pro-liberty shirt website! I love that they have pro-pit bull shirts. The shirts and hoodies are very affordable, especially with the black Friday deals.

Black Friday deals:

50% off all orders with the code BLACK.
Free shipping on all orders over $75.

Buy here.



There are great deals on Amazon through Cyber Monday. If you are buying anything from Amazon, please use my affiliate link:

Click here to see my recommended book on Amazon.

*Disclosure: These are all affiliate links so I will receive commission when you buy. I am entered into a Liberty Classroom contest where the person who sells the most will win a car (!!!). I would never promote anything that I didn’t value or I didn’t think my audience would value. Thank you for your support!

Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski is a political commentator living in the D.C. area. She is best known for her YouTube channel where she discusses current events in often a humorous manner. She has two cats.

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