Do I Feel the Johnson?

The CNN Libertarian Party town hall was on Wednesday night. I loved seeing third party candidates on national TV! More of that, please!

Now, I’ve seen some people say, “CNN only did it to hurt Trump.”


The more I’m involved in media, the more I realize that there isn’t a grand conspiracy. The media primarily cares about one thing: ratings.

Plus, they are hosting a Green Party town hall soon.

With Trump and Hillary being fairly unpopular, more attention than usual is being paid to third party candidates.

This is both good and bad. I’m excited that more people will be exposed to the word libertarian. However, it’s also very nerve wrecking! I was biting my nails watching the town hall. “Please don’t say anything stupid,” I tweeted.

I tried to watch it as an undecided voter which I honestly kind of am.

Do I vote for Trump? And never, ever tell anyone? I do think he’s probably better than Hillary because basically everyone is. The thought of a Hillary Clinton presidency scares the living *beep* out of me, but I’m really not sure what Trump would do in office.

Or do I vote for Gary Johnson? I’m realistic about the chances of a third party candidate winning and he’s said some not-so-libertarian stuff.

Or do I write in my cats or stay at home and complain on the Internet?

Decisions, decisions.

Look, I don’t consider myself to be a libertarian purist. It’s not like I’m going to bash Gary because he didn’t mention the non-aggression principle or the Austrian Business Cycle Theory at the town hall…

I understand that they are trying to reach non-libertarians and I respect that. Their performance could have been worse, but it also could have been a lot better.

It’s not a winning message for Gary to be talking about how “life has never been better” for Americans.

People hear, “nothing needs to change.”

Right now, people are pissed off and want real change! It makes no sense for libertarians, who are the furthest thing from the status quo, to be reassuring Americans that life is good.

I get that he doesn’t want to do the overplayed doom and gloom. Though, I felt it was a wasted opportunity to explain how life would be better under a libertarian president. Talk about keeping more of your hard earned money, fewer wars, more civil liberties.

And why won’t they say anything bad about Hillary?!

This is frustrating!

I thought maybe it’s not in their personality to attack or they are trying to get her supporters.

However, they have no problem attacking Trump. None at all. They have called him a racist, pussy, screw loose.

Then, they call Hillary Clinton a “wonderful public servant.” Gag.

I liked Gary Johnson’s answer about not banning semi-automatic rifles. Go Gary!

Bill Weld was noticeably quiet during that answer, perhaps because he proposed a ban on some semi-automatic weapons as governor of Massachusetts.

Tsk, tsk.

I was impressed by Bill Weld’s speaking ability. I’m not sure what he would score on a libertarian purity test, but he sounded like he knew his stuff. This is promising.

Then, of course, the gay wedding cake issue came up.

Previously, Gary has said that bakers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against gay couples.

This time, he said that bakers have to bake the cake, but they don’t have to frost it?

Huh? Well, I wouldn’t trust the frosting on a cake if the person was forced to make it… if you know what I mean…

The correct answer is that no one should be forced to bake a wedding cake! I understand that this may seem like such a minor issue to some people. They may say, “why are we talking about wedding cakes when we are $19 trillion in debt?!” Because Gary’s position on this issue goes against libertarian principles of private property and freedom of association.

It’s a pretty big deal.

Then, the topic turned to pot.

“Finally!” I like to imagine Gary saying in his head.

Gary chose to focus on the need for more research. I was hoping that he would have gone into the harms of marijuana prohibition so it seemed like somewhat of a wasted opportunity.

It’s more about convincing the audience than the anti-pot lady.

The terrorism question could have been handled better.

On lone wolf attacks, Gary said: “this stuff is going to happen.”


The problem is that people hear, “Oh, you might die in a terrorist attack. They happen. Whatcha gonna do?”

That’s not really reassuring… could have gone into the importance of being able to defend yourself.

Then the audience question about whether the government should make you eat healthy foods?

Gary praised Michelle Obama in an unclear answer.

I would have been more direct and told her, “I’ll eat whatever I dang well please, missy!”

But alas, this is why I don’t run for president…

I liked Gary’s answer on the Black Lives Matter question. He said that he had his head in the sand for a while about discrimination blacks face and it sounded sincere. Okay, okay.

Then Bill Weld took it in a non-libertarian direction by implying that the government should create jobs in the black community.

Am I at a DNC?

The prostitution question made me nervous! That’s not the question that libertarians want to answer on national TV with it being so taboo. They handled it alright, though I wish they would have used it as a way to explain how libertarians oppose all victimless crimes.

Sure, I am being a Monday morning quarterback.

To me, I felt like the philosophy could have been explained better to viewers who have no idea what a libertarian is.

I do think they came off as more reasonable than Trump or Hillary. I hope Gary Johnson is allowed to be in the presidential debates.

Am I feeling the Johnson? A little bit. I’m not ready to go all the way yet.

I’m going to pull a Ted Cruz and tell people to vote their conscience.

I’m still trying to figure out mine.

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Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski is a political commentator living in the D.C. area. She is best known for her YouTube channel where she discusses current events in often a humorous manner. She has two cats.

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  • Shannon

    This is absolutely why you should run for President or at least be on the team to help direct the Libertarian Presidential candidates! I was disheartened by the Town Hall and felt pretty much the same way you just described. There was an opportunity here that I feel Johnson and Weld completely missed out on. With millions, ok maybe just thousands, of Americans already going ‘Hmmm’ in response to Trump and Clinton, we really needed a ‘WAPOW’ for the Libertarians and the philosophy that we stand behind. I don’t feel they did a great job of getting that across and then driving it home.

  • Dave Drum

    GJ/BW need you on their debate team for sure.

  • TKList

    Trump and Clinton are megalomaniacs.
    Trump and Clinton are Democrats.
    Trump and Clinton are crooks.
    Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party is the only choice.

    • Pamcake

      I agree completely.