Liberty Minded Delegates Discuss the RNC’s Dirty Tricks

I’m back from the Republican National Convention 2016!

YouTube invited me to attend as their guest. They have been extremely kind and welcoming to me. Most YouTubers lean left, so I’m grateful that they are helping creators from across the political spectrum.

YouTube let me try out their mobile live streaming. Neat!  I heard that a lot of people are upset about Chairman Reince Priebus avoiding a rule call vote on changing the convention rules. So, I reached out to a few liberty-minded delegates at the RNC to explain what is really going on.

Check it out:

Maine Delegate Ashley Ryan explains the controversial rules changes and why liberty minded people should stay involved in the GOP.

3rd Vice Chair at Maryland Republican Party Eugene Craig gives advice to the GOP on how to reach black voters, which includes finding common ground between Republicans and Black Lives Matter.

Kansas Alternative Delegate Shawn Shipley about how he has been treated as a Ron Paul supporter in his delegation and at the convention.

Virginia Delegate Matthew Hurtt gives advice to young people on how to get involved and make a difference.

Thanks for watching!

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